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Façade claddings
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Façade claddings

Thanks to its experience, Mapier proposes several innovative products for buildings covering, always suitable to the maximum requirement, that extend the design solutions selection. Ventilated façades can also be used as external cladding, to regulate the humidity rate thanks to a constant natural ventilation.

Aluminium sheet claddings

Thanks to its versatility, the use of aluminium allows a wide range of solutions for façade claddings. Flat, stretched or perforated sheet, in different colors and oxidations, they provide considerable value to the façade.

Composite panels claddings

It is possible to cover buildings with composite panels formed by two aluminium sheets and a synthetic material core between them. The advantages are great fire resistance, exceptional rigidity/weight ratio and excellent surface flatness which gives the possibility of big panels. The fixing system to the façade is very simple, because there is a load-bearing structure installed to the existing wall, to which the panels are hooked.

Laminate panels claddings

It is a decorative panels cladding, laminated with high pressure, alike Trespa. These panels are ideal to realize innovative and functional ventilated façade systems and are available in a wide range of colors and effects.

Ceramic materials claddings

Ceramic materials are a great solution to give esthetic value and elegance to the building. The external cladding is formed by porcelain stoneware slabs or similar, fixed with a frame (semi-structural solution) or with silicone (structural solution).


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18 November 2019


Facade Cladding, Products