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Louvers Rise line
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Louvers Rise line

Mapier Group produces sun screen louvers in different solutions to meet the design and architectural characteristics of buildings. Aluminum guarantees lightness to the system, excellent resistance to atmospheric agents and a wide range of final finishes (RAL paints and oxidation, electro-colors). The “Rise style” is made of a vertical system, recommended for walls exposed to EAST and WEST mainly subject to a solar irradiation perpendicular to the wall.

Opale Model

The “opale model” is made up of panels with a micro-perforated sheet infill and is a light and easy to fix darkening system. The possibilities for customization are:

  • customizable panel size
  • panel with standard perforated sheet, drawing shet or stretched sheet
  • fixed or sliding panels
Smeraldo model

The “Smeraldo model” is composed of panels with tubular profiles and provides a good system of darkness without completely obstructing the external view. The customizations are:

  • filling panel customization (size of panels and profiles inside)
  • variable pitch of the tubes
  • fixed or sliding panels
Rubino model

The “Rubino model” is simple and elegant, recommended for buildings with architectural value where the sun screen louver also has an aesthetic function. The customizations are:

  • extruded blade (standard size) or blade in press-bended sheet(customizable size)
  • elliptical blade or blade with hooking shape for a better closure to the light (if swinging)
  • possibility to position the blades horizontally or vertically
  • fixed, swinging, swinging and motorized
Zaffiro model

Available only in the fixed product, the “Zaffiro model” has the lightness of the open-section blade that allows an excellent repair from the sun independently of its orientation. The possibilities for customization are:

  • possibility to position the blades horizontally or vertically
Perla model

It is the least invasive aesthetically because it also allows modulating the step and size of the profiles based on the transmitted shading / light ratio. Wide range of customization possibilities:

  • Square, rectangular or circular profiles
  • Step and number of customizable profiles

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30 October 2019


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