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Structural façades
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Structural façades

This system gives to the facade an effect “all glass” without seeing any aluminum frame.

The glasses with polished edges are glued with adhesive silicone to the aluminium frames that compose the façade structure.

The glass weight is relied on structural adhesives or, in some cases, there are particular reduces profiles retractable that work together with structural adhesives to support the glass.

Curtain walls

Curtain walls coat the most important office buildings, facilities, and tertiary sector buildings, because they are the most prestigious mean to improve its own image.

Mapier Group, which has already realized many of these structures, is available to designers and users to provide, with its services, curtain walls with great architectural versatility features, and with high technical performances.

Mapier Group realizes curtain walls in 6060 extruded aluminium alloy ( UNI 9006/1 ), according to European standards. Electrocoloured anodization or powder coated ( 60 micron ) in many RAL colors, or special colors, make them suitable for any architectural context.

Curtain walls differ in the following categories:
  • Mullions and transoms curtain wall
  • Structural façades
  • Semistructural façades

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Aluminum and glass


18 November 2019


Curtain walls, Products